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Date Added: 2016-09-12
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Disliking the creative building space and adventures with boring style in the Minecraft land anymore, move on to Chisel and discover the new concept here, all guys! Begin now!

The fascinating and funny game is relevant to managing a chiseller so that it may cut through a planet below him and achieve the target size which is displayed at the bottom. Notice that several enemies around the planet are exceedingly deadly, so it’s better to keep them far away while the chiseller is moved. Each time it bangs on one enemy, one life will disappear, remember! Nonetheless, the other kinds of enemy are useful for earning extra points. Don’t mind smashing against them! By the way, the machine is not able to dig down when standing the path which is not solid. Collect lots of colored gems for more points.

Get ready to taste Chisel? Have lots of fun and get many points!